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Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Our Individualized Approach to Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Steinberg is an Erectile Dysfunction expert. Diagnosing the cause of ED is the first step to developing a successful treatment plan and can often be done in one or two office visits. Although discussing ED can be difficult and may feel uncomfortable or embarrassing, Dr. Steinberg has the professionalism, compassion and expertise to understand the medical, physical and psychological effects of Erectile Dysfunction, and how to help each individual patient restore sexual health.

Dr. Steinberg works with patients to fully understand his medical history, sexual health and activity, and erectile function. In addition, Dr. Steinberg performs a physical exam and orders laboratory blood work to see if any chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, low thyroid hormone,  or testosterone deficiency could be the cause of  ED.

What You Can Expect

  • Providing Your Complete Medical History
    • Dr. Steinberg will review your medical history, chronic illnesses, and prior surgeries to pinpoint any underlying conditions that could be causing ED symptoms. Dr. Steinberg will also review the effect your current medications might be having as well. Lifestyle issues such as alcohol use, smoking and drug use, as well as psychological issues, are relevant to diagnosing the cause of ED.
  • Discussing Your Sexual History and Symptoms
    • Be prepared to discuss your sexual history and your symptoms. Dr. Steinberg will want to understand the severity of your ED, specifically, how long you’ve been having symptoms, details about your symptoms, your libido level, your ability to ejaculate, and whether you have any other sexual dysfunction conditions that could be affecting your sexual health and performance.
  • Physical Examination
    • Dr. Steinberg performs a thorough physical exam to evaluate and help determine the cause of ED. Dr. Steinberg may also look for indications of cardiovascular, endocrinological or neurological disease. 
  • Laboratory Bloodwork
    • Dr. Steinberg orders the appropriate bloodwork based on your medical history and exam to help determine the cause of ED.
    • Common Tests Include:
      • Cholesterol and Tryglyceride levels to assess cardiovascular health 
      • Blood sugar levels to check for Diabetes
      • Testosterone Level to check for Testosterone Deficiency
      • Thyroid Hormone Level to check for Low Thyroid

If you are experiencing the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, contact Dr. Steinberg at Urology Specialists of Milford at (508) 473-6333 to schedule an evaluation in his Milford office.

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