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Comprehensive, Personalized Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Expertly Diagnosing and Treating the Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency: Restoring Energy and Libido, Improving Mood and Erectile Dysfunction

It is estimated that more than 40 percent of men over the age of 45 have low testosterone and experience symptoms, feeling fatigued, gaining weight or having difficulty losing fat and building muscle mass, experiencing a decrease in libido or sex drive, or maybe feeling a lack of motivation or even feel depressed. Some men may begin to experience symptoms of low testosterone in their late 30s and can suffer from multiple, life-altering symptoms for the rest of their lives without appropriate diagnosis and management.

The Low T Center at Urology Specialists of Milford, LLC provides comprehensive diagnosis and individualized treatment for patients with Low Testosterone. Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg is a Board-Certified Urologist who is a Men’s Sexual Health specialist and an expert in diagnosing, managing, and treating Low Testosterone.

To achieve exceptional results, Testosterone Replacement Therapy must be personalized to each patient’s needs and monitored over time by an expert in TRT. At our Low T Center in Milford, MA, Dr. Steinberg treats the symptoms that his patients are experiencing and fine-tunes treatment to optimize results and restore vitality.

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Testosterone Deficiency

Low testosterone, also known as Low T or andropause, affects more than three million men in the U.S. and the prevalence

Testosterone Deficiency in men is often undiagnosed. Most men do not initially recognize that symptoms such as fatigue,

Men need testosterone for optimal health and wellness. Testosterone plays a significant role in male sexual health, energy, brain health

Many men experience the symptoms caused by Testosterone Deficiency as they age. Seeking treatment to restore

Hormone levels, such as testosterone, play a vital role in helping us to function optimally. As men age, testosterone production declines,

We know that every patient is unique, and our comprehensive, personalized Testosterone Replacement Therapy Subscription Program

Bioidentical Testosterone Pellet Therapy is a form of hormone therapy that seeks to return the hormone balance to optimized levels

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Dr. Steinberg is a Men’s Health Specialist with more than 30 years of experience helping men regain vitality and restore a healthy sex life. 

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