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How Our TRT Program Works

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Subscription Program

A Comprehensive, Personalized Subscription Treatment Plan for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We know that every patient is unique, and our comprehensive, personalized Testosterone Replacement Therapy Subscription Program is designed to provide exceptional, concierge-level, and personalized treatment to men.

After a complete evaluation, if Dr. Steinberg determines that you are a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy because of Testosterone Deficiency or Low T, we can get you started on an individualized TRT treatment plan through our Testosterone Replacement Therapy Subscription Plan.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is quite safe, but only when monitored by a qualified urologist who specializes in men’s hormone replacement. Dr. Steinberg is a board-certified urologist specializing in Men’s Sexual Health. He is experienced and highly trained in Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and he is one of a few urologists with expertise in Bioidentical Testosterone Pellet Therapy in the Boston area.

Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy Subscription Program includes the following for a monthly charge, no hidden costs:


Custom formulated testosterone cream or testosterone cypionate for injections, mailed directly to you or Bioidentical Pellet insertions in our office, semiannually, with boosts as needed.


Lab panels including CBC, testosterone, and PSA, semiannually, through BioReference Labs in Hopedale, MA. Lab drawing in our office is available for your convenience.


In-office or telephone consults with Dr. Steinberg as needed to review bloodwork, symptoms, and treatment plan, or to provide injection training if needed.

Email Access

Direct email access to Dr. Steinberg for any questions or concerns.

Please contact our office at (508) 473-6333 for more information, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steinberg to see if our TRT Subscription Program is right for you.

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5 star rating

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