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Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Testosterone Pellet Therapy In Milford, MA

Low Testosterone is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone — the hormone that plays a key role in maintaining a man’s energy level, sex drive (libido) and erection quality. Testosterone is critical in maintaining overall health and wellness. As men age, the ability to make testosterone may diminish.  Testosterone deficiency may cause low libido and sexual dysfunction in men, as well as mood changes, brain “fog”, weight gain, fatigue, muscle loss and trouble sleeping.

What is Testosterone Pellet Therapy?  

Testosterone Pellet Therapy is a method of delivering testosterone efficiently and consistently in order to restore testosterone balance within the body. Dr. Steinberg utilizes Bioidentical Hormone pellets derived from natural sources which duplicate a man’s natural testosterone. Bioidentical testosterone is engineered from plants to mimic human testosterone which makes it immediately available in the bloodstream. This is believed to improve efficacy and minimize side effects. In addition, Bioidentical testosterone can be custom compounded to offer highly specific dosing for patients.

How are Testosterone Pellets Inserted? 

 Dr. Steinberg performs Testosterone Pellet insertion in the office using novocaine (local) anesthesia.   During a 15 minute office procedure, the testosterone pellets are implanted under the skin in a man’s “love handle area” on the lower flank above the belt line.There is virtually no pain during or after the procedure. Patients may resume normal activities the next day. The pellets slowly and consistently deliver testosterone over the course of five to six months. The pellets start delivering consistent levels of testosterone almost immediately and eventually completely dissolve.

What are the next steps after Testosterone Pellet insertion? 

After the Testosterone Pellet Insertion, Dr. Steinberg will order lab tests in approximately one month and schedule a phone call with you to review the lab results. He will have a detailed discussion with you about your symptom improvement. Depending upon the lab results and your symptom progress, Dr. Steinberg will schedule your next Testosterone Pellet Insertion, typically in about 5 to 6 months. Dr. Steinberg may also recommend additional treatments to enhance the effect of your BioIdentical Hormone Replacement.

To learn more about treatment for Testosterone Pellet Therapy, please contact Dr. Steinberg’s Milford office to make an appointment. 

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